EYE OUT (custom cameras)

Special thanks to people who believed in my project and bought me a camera:

-Vincent Hébert

-Vincent Le Pendeven

-Dana Colin

-Cyrill Renault

-Corentin Le Bourhis

-Chloé Le Roch

-Martin Le Mouël

-Justine Blanvillain

-Loris Paskiewicz

-Benoît Bureau

-Nicolas Heuveline

-Killian Bechet

©Jimmy Léveillé, 2017

EYE OUT is the name of the custom cameras I'm making. They are compact analog cameras that I unscrew in order to custom it with drawings. The result is a small compact camera with eyes drew on, with different pupils shades and veins.

Why EYE OUT, you'll say? I wanted to symbolize eyes that watch out for you like protector ones. They're looking in different directions, ready to shoot everything you don't see. Then of course OUT, cause they're out of the body!

The 1st model of camera I custom is a Olympus AF-10 (or AF-10super) build from 1987 to 1991. It's wonderful! This camera is really compact, strong, and gives good results when talking about pictures. I use to shoot with the same model very often and many pictures displayed on this website comes from this one. Please have a look below to discover the cameras I made.